The real Back to School plan

14 Aug

You’re at the part of year where September is sneaking up on you, and you’re getting things checked off your to-do list. New school supplies, looking at schedules, planning around classes.

One of the areas people don’t often consider in their Back to School plan is their learning. What areas were hard in the past year or two? Is there a particularly challenging class coming up? Is there a dreaded topic on the schedule? Or perhaps an opportunity to advance and succeed in totally new ways?

All of these challenges and strengths, plus many more, can be gracefully met with an academic tutor. Leavitt Tutoring will personalize a Back to School plan for learners of all levels, helping transition through the “September-Shock,” and make learning something to be embraced, not feared.

Do you have school struggles?

24 May

Academic challenges can truly hold you back in terms of success, in addition to causing frustration. Consider if any of the following school struggles apply to you or your child:

-Low test scores

-Trouble reviewing before tests

-Test anxiety

-Lack of motivation

-Incomplete or late assignments

-Poor quality projects and papers

-Overwhelmed by research or large projects

-Unsure of steps to take with projects or papers

-Lack of a routine for studying

By addressing which academic challenges you may be facing, you can decide where you need support. Leavitt Tutoring can help you examine these challenges and show you tools to overcome them.

Feeling frustrated about your school work shouldn’t be standard. Take charge, make a point to get help, and be in touch. Together we can achieve academic success.


Leavitt Tutoring launches in Portland!

21 Apr

Leavitt Tutoring. Inspiring comprehension, clarity and confidence.

Leavitt Tutoring is pleased to serve diverse learners in the Greater Portland area. Do you need a tutor?

Would you like to improve your grades?

Do you need to review or brush up on some topics?

Want to get ahead or catch up in a class?

Leavitt Tutoring is a new tutoring company meeting the needs of students in Portland. Please be in touch if you think any of the questions apply to you.

Unlike the big tutoring companies in town, Leavitt Tutoring is a personal yet professional business, and fits your busy schedule. Leavitt Tutoring comes to you- your home, school, library, or another mutually agreed open location. Leavitt Tutoring offers flexibility, including online consulting, as well as regular and occasional tutoring schedules as needed.

Leavitt Tutoring focuses on Middle School, High School, College, and adult learners, with topics including but not limited to; Spanish (including IB, Honors, AP), Social Studies (including IB, Honors, AP), Art History, Writing/Reading/Composition/Literature, and Study Skills. If you have an area or age not listed, possibilities can be discussed. If Leavitt Tutoring cannot serve you, another wonderful local resource will be referred to you.

Ask about the grand opening special for discounts on tutoring sessions.